Bonus system

  • percent

    Everything is very simple!

    You - change means we - will credit you the bonus. Bonus - a percentage of the exchange amount, which is the amount you receive in conjunction with the exchange operation

    The size depends on your cash flow. If you have invited users the bonus system it turns off and begins to operate an affiliate program.

  • participation

    How to participate?

    You are automatically enrolled in the program since the first operation. The main condition:

    Bonuses are awarded to registered users only. Bonuses begin to accumulate after a turnover equivalent to $ 100.
    Participants of affiliate programs do not receive bonuses. If you are given by another user, the bonuses for your operation gets the man who brought you (you can get rid in a private office in the bonus section).
    For operations with cash bonuses are not charged.

  • bonus

    How to use?

    Since January 14, 2015, we have developed and improved our bonus system!
    Now you do not expect to accumulate bonus account 1 dollars.
    And get bonus cash in the amount of co-operation with the exchange.
    The system automatically calculates all.
    Now you finally convinced that we are a reliable partner regularly paid bonuses.
    So, you can get even more earnings.

    Calculation example:
    1) 10 000 WMZ * 18,02 = 180 200
    2) 180 200 + 0.25% (the amount of exchange) = 180 200 + 450,50 = 180 650,50 UAH.

Principles of bonus calculating


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