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  1. How to verify that the data profile and WMID?

    How can I check confirm the data profile and WMID here.
    name in WMID certificate of need to be changed if:
    - the changes referred to in the other language data (eg, Ivan Ivanov Ivan Ivanov instead);
    - change erroneously referred to the data (eg, skipping letters);
    - change the passport data by changing the names;
    - other similar reasons;
    If you can not change WMID data yourself, please contact the customer support center certification
    If the name. your formal passport obviously fictitious (intentionally corrupted), you have to go through the procedure of changing data. Or register in Webmoney Transfer again, indicating reliable data.
    After making changes to re-issue the application.

  2. How to get a formal certificate?

    For a formal certificate, go to the site Assessment Centre Webmoney on this this link . Attention! Your WM Keeper (purse) should be launched! Next you will need to log in. To do this, select the type of WM Keeper (Classic, Light, Mobile and Mini), then click "Sign!" and enter the target figures. Click "Get a formal certificate" and fill in your personal data.

  3. How to upload a scanned copy of the passport in the center of appraisal?

    To download a scan of the passport must go to the website
    verification center Webmoney on this link.
    Warning! Your WM Keeper (purse) should be launched!
    Next, you will need to login.
    To do this, select
    used type of WM Keeper (Classic, Light, Mobile and Mini), then
    click "Sign!" and enter the target figures.
    Please note! Files scan of the passport must be colored in .GIF or .JPG format no more than 1MB each file
    Next on the following page:.
    Click "Browse ..." in the window below, select 1 scan of the passport file and click "Open." Then click "Upload file" in the previous window.
    Now specify the name of the document, such as passport 1 , select the target load, and then click "Finish".
    Repeat all the above procedure several times until you download all page scan of the passport.

    then wait for operator certification center will check your scans. As a rule check takes 1-3 hours during working hours in Moscow, however, if the "hurry" their support, test time can be reduced. Contact Center Certification listed here . After successful verification of documents you by e-mail or WM Keeper (purse) notification will be sent. If for any reason you do not receive this message, at any time, you can verify that you can make an application on our website. If our system you miss, it's okay.

  4. Order paid. When will be refilled my purse?

    The translation into your wallet after the payment application is made almost instantly. If it does not (for 15-20 minutes), check the status of your application in the "Applications" on your account. If there are no errors, have the support from the "Contact Us" & nbsp;.

    Translations in some systems may take longer (up to 2 working days). before the transfer to this system we will inoformiruem user about the regulations of the system.

  5. Do I need to register on the site?

    Yes, registration is required.

    Registration on the site allows to enjoy the full benefits of regular customers:

    - savings discounts

    - affiliate program

    - private office with a list of all transactions

    - bonus program

    At the moment we have work authorization system exclusively through the & nbsp; email


  6. Upon check / exchange gives an error "Invalid WMID»

    Double-check the data in fields Name Series and passport number.

    The data should be of the form:

    - Name: Ivan Ivanov

    & nbsp;

    - Passport: MN000000

    & nbsp;

    - WMID: & nbsp; 000000000000 (12 digits)

    And match the data in your certificate in the WebMoney. You can check this on the site   Center Certifications   in the control panel of your certificate


  7. I can not access my account / password to the account is not suitable / operation has been on the site, I do not know your password / WMID This has already been registered in the system.

    - If you have problems accessing your account, use the password recovery function. If the password to restore failed - & nbsp; contact us

    - This WMID registered in the system - this means that you already had surgery on our website and your WMID already priced system. If for some reason you do not remember any username or password, where it was used - & nbsp; contact us .

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